15 Nov 2015

Black Friday with Boohoo

This month is flyyyyying by! I am totally ready for christmas, I've already got the gift wrap ready. But before we make our way into december, we have that amazing but yet crazy shopping day to get through first, black friday. Boohoo have sent me an all black outfit to celebrate the arrival of black friday! I'm not normally one to wear all black, but now I have red hair, I feel it kinda brings enough colour to be able to pull it off. I chose to style this asymmetric jumper with over the knee flat boots. I love how casual the jumper is, yet could be styled with heels for a lunch date. Now I am in love with the over knee boots, I really wanted a pair that didn't have heels, because as much as I love the heeled ones, they are not meant for a full day of shopping, so these were the perfect find!

What do you think to my all black outfit?
And dont forget to check out Boohoo.com on black friday! 
Much Love
Natasha x

PS like my new blog design? ;)

6 Nov 2015

October through Instagram

A new monthly feature I thought I would start! You have probably seen a lot of my instagram posts if you follow me, but I thought it would be nice to get it all in once place to sum up my month! I obviously went to the moors for a week, but I also had a bit of a hair change and went red! I have to say I love my colour, I feel all new but I seem to have got a bit obsessed with it fading, in my head I'm SURE its faded but my hair extensions still match, so obviously not... 
I feel the quality of my instagram feed is a lot better then my blog at the moment, so going to have a bit of a makeover, and spice up my blog posts a bit! I've been lacking in outfit posts lately due to not having time to get any done, but Im hoping to change that all soon, and make my blog brighter and better. I feel at the moment my blog and instagram could be two different bloggers! 
Im looking forward to see what we'll be looking at, at the end of november! 
PS make sure to follow me on instagram 
Much love
Natasha x

Whats in my Mi-Pac?

A while ago I was sent a really cool rucksack from Mi-Pac via Ark it completely fed my geeky side with a galaxy print on it! I used it on our recent holiday to the moors, and Nathan pinched it! His bag broke and because I had at least *ahem* 3 bags with me, it suddenly became his bag, of course I still put my stuff in it ;) I carried in my bag my lomo camera for dreamy coastal town photos, a guide book, my fluffy green hat and my glasses. The bags are really good quality, comfortable and strong, I could have filled it with so much stuff and it not have strained the bag! I think Nathan looks pretty good with MY rucksack!

Much Love
Natasha x

31 Oct 2015


 #StayFitDontQuit is campaign Get The Label are running over the colder months to encourage people to stay fit! Summer is loooooong gone and its SO easy to stop being active over winter (and eat all the mince pies) My idea of keeping fit is NOT the gym, I hate the gym, I prefer to be out in the open air, not only are you being active, but you can have an amazing day out, which to me makes staying active really fun and well, makes it seem like you're not even exercising! A few weeks ago me and Nathan went to the moors for a week and on one day had the most physically demanding day ever, but it was by far one of the best days! We headed to Go Ape in Dalby Forest and did a tree top climb, it took me a few minutes to get the courage to swing across from one platform to another but once I did it, there was no holding me back. Some parts of the course, like climbing a rope net hanging between two trees, I found quite hard, as I have really weak arms, but it felt so good to get to the other side and look back thinking "Yeah girl!!". Also going on a zip wire over the top of a forest has to be one of the best things I have done and to top it off, at one point, it was torrential rain (hence the bad hair) but this made is so much more fun! Obviously for the colder months that cute sports top you have is not going to be suitable for outside, however Get The Label have an excellent selection of warmer active wear at amazing discounted prices! The guys sent me matching Nike bottoms and hoody for my little adventure and it was so warm and cosy! I did have to put my outdoor Cragshopper coat on (which the guys sent me last year)  because of the rain, but with that on I was fine, and the adventure could continue! After we completed the course we decided to go on a long walk through Dalby Forest and ended up on the other side of the forest in the middle of farmland.  It was really foggy and damp but it was such a beautiful day adventuring in an area we'd never been, and doing an activity that was physically demanding but so much fun! Days like that are perfect for #StayFitDontQuit without feeling like you're torturing yourself!

Do you have a fun way of staying fit? let me know, I'd love to hear!!
Much love
Natasha x

18 Oct 2015

All aboard! Mens style OOTD

 So I've had a bit of a change in my look this week, only joking, Nathan has made his first ootd appearance! I have to say he stepped right into, striking a pose on the North Yorkshire Moors steam train, whilst people sat watching him, I wouldn't have done it! Nathan was sent this gorgeous tweed blazer from Samuel Windsor, the green, plum and mustard colours are the perfect combination for autumn. I have to say it took me months before to get Nathan in a blazer in the past but as soon as he saw this, he fell in love. He wore it with a burgundy jumper and jeans for our trip on the post war steam train through the Yorkshire Moors, which I think was the perfect setting for such an outfit. Its the perfect outfit for casually-smart, and Samuel Windsor offer so many tailored quality items, your man can get a whole outfit. I think Nathan is eyeing up a few pair of brogues on their site!

What do you think to a guy in a blazer? 
and how much input do you have on your mans wardrobe ;) 
Much Love
Natasha x

13 Oct 2015

autumn heartbeats featuring Fat Face

Fat Face sent me the perfect outfit to keep me looking good but perfect for the countryside. They sent me the comfiest pair of jeans in a rich red berry, which this season along side emerald green, is my perfect colour choice. I also got this patterned cover up which I layered with a simple top underneath. It was the perfect outfit for village hopping, including visiting Goathland (all you oldies will know this as the Heartbeat village!) I love working with Fat Face as they always give me a great outfit for running through fields no matter what the season is!
Last week I had the perfect week away in the North Yorkshire Moors, we went every where we could, we saw deer, we went on a steam train, we got lost in the night, we ate a lot, we chased stars at night and we zip lined through the forest- it was an amazing week! Obviously it isn't a body con and high heel affair, but the lovely guys over at

What is your clothing choice for country adventures?
and are you a secret Heartbeat fan ;) 
Much love
Natasha x

11 Sep 2015

OOTD: Autumn Sun

 Im excited for autumn, I feel I can trust the weather more, that its not going to trick me into thinking its boiling hot but then turn into a cold storm 2 hours later. Im excited to wear jackets and this jacket from Luxemme* is perfect for autumn, its really comfortable and is perfect to dress an outfit up, yet still look casual. Luxemme is a brand that is dedicated to bringing you luxury fashion at high street prices, and they do a brilliant Limited Edition range! I teamed my jacket with leggings and my beautiful white heels from Quiz Clothing* to add a chic feel!
Does autumn fashion make you excited
much love
Natasha x

6 Sep 2015

Adidas Essentials

This is a shock right? No pretty dresses or flowing skirts in this post! I'll be honest I am not a gym person but I love sports gear for when I go for a walk or run so I was delighted when JD Sport contacted me about their new exclusive Adidas range Adidas is brand that I feel you can always trust. I don't normally show my stomach but looking at these photos with the Adidas sports bra I feel pretty damn good! The Adidas Essentials at JD is super comfortable, flattering and the perfect fit. The seams lay flat against the skin, so there is no rubbing, as I know sometimes seams around my hips make my skin sore. I also love that this Adidas essentials kit comes in not only 
black but in a peach colour too!
What do you think to the Adidas kit?