18 Jan 2016

Turning 25 "growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"

 This week I turned 25, yep I am closer to 30 then I am 20 now, it's like an actual adult age right? Well Nathan took me to Disneyland Paris for my birthday, and I have to say it was the best birthday I have ever had. I may have turned 25 but at heart I am a lot younger. I packed an Ariel inspired outfit I bought from Boohoo, and curled the amazing new Halo I was sent from Halo Hair, to ensure I had official mermaid hair. Everything is always okay in Disneyland, it doesn't matter how silly you look, and it certainly doesn't matter if you act like a princess on your 25th birthday! I can't wait to share with you all my Disney photos, if you've been following me on Instagram, you will have already seen quite a few! I think I'll do a top tips for Disneyland post!

What do you think to my Disney look? Have you been to Disneyland?
Much Love Natasha

15 Dec 2015

Time for the boyfriend to meet the parents?

 The photo above is one of my favourite photos, there is me, Nathan, my Mum and of course Jacob, it was on a really really windy sunday in March, we all look ridiculous but I love it because it just shows how easy Nathan fits in with my family. Now I know a lot of people at christmas introduce their boyfriends/girlfriends to more distant members of family or even maybe to their parents if they don't live locally! Jacamo have wrote a hilarious blog post for guys to follow when meeting their girlfriends family- imagine Robert De Nero Meet The Fockers style. Now I'd like to give tips from a girls view for the guys. My mum and Nathan get on really well, hes just another member of the family now, they both poke fun at each other and Nathan is always on hand to help my Mum or Gran out. However when I introduced Nathan to my Mum I think he was petrified- PETRIFIED. My Mum isn't exactly quiet and well, I'm her only child, I mean, I don't know why he was so scared, me and my Mum we are so alike we finish each others sentences (which three years later Nathan always points out how annoying it is, he's clearly no longer scared of my Mum) I would say guys when meeting your girlfriends parents, you may be nervous but DO NOT put on an overconfident front, it just comes across as cocky. I remember introducing a boyfriend to my Mum when I was younger, he sat there all cocky and over confident, I just knew my Mum was not impressed, and as soon as he left, my Mum said "I don't think I like his attitude" and do you know what, she was totally right about him. The key is talk to the parents how you would like someone to talk to your Mum or Gran, be extra polite, DO NOT swear, offer to help wash up and please keep the pda's to another time, NOT over christmas dinner, no parents want to see their daughters face being eaten. I think you should dress how you would dress if you was going for a meal on date night, not sweat pants but not a suit, you don't want to go from one extreme to another. If there is a family dog/cat/snake/shark make sure you give that pet attention even if you are allergic/terrified, that animal is as much a part of the family as your girlfriend is, and if the dog likes you, I can pretty much say so will her Mum, dogs have good instincts right? Oh and lastly wear socks that don't have holes in.
Much Love
Natasha xx
P.s make sure to check out Jacamo for your guys christmas wardobe!

14 Dec 2015

Party time with Sugarhill Boutique

It's chriiiiiistmaaaaaaaaas! I'm so excited! I love the festive season and all the christmas parties that come with it. The ladies over at Sugarhill Boutique sent me this beautiful outfit to help me sparkle at the christmas parties! Luckily I took these photos before a family party, as my plans to do a full shoot at the weekend was ruined by a runny nose and pouring rain. I love how its not the usual sequin christmas dress- it's classy, feminine but still sparkles! The skirt is really flattering and has a subtle metallic finish were as the jumper has a subtle (non itchy) black sparkle. I teamed the outfit with boots to give it a modern twist but yhe retro feel to the outfit really makes it stand out, and I couldn't be more in love with my christmas look!
What do you think to my outfit?
Much Love
Natasha x

15 Nov 2015

Black Friday with Boohoo

This month is flyyyyying by! I am totally ready for christmas, I've already got the gift wrap ready. But before we make our way into december, we have that amazing but yet crazy shopping day to get through first, black friday. Boohoo have sent me an all black outfit to celebrate the arrival of black friday! I'm not normally one to wear all black, but now I have red hair, I feel it kinda brings enough colour to be able to pull it off. I chose to style this asymmetric jumper with over the knee flat boots. I love how casual the jumper is, yet could be styled with heels for a lunch date. Now I am in love with the over knee boots, I really wanted a pair that didn't have heels, because as much as I love the heeled ones, they are not meant for a full day of shopping, so these were the perfect find!

What do you think to my all black outfit?
And dont forget to check out Boohoo.com on black friday! 
Much Love
Natasha x

PS like my new blog design? ;)

6 Nov 2015

October through Instagram

A new monthly feature I thought I would start! You have probably seen a lot of my instagram posts if you follow me, but I thought it would be nice to get it all in once place to sum up my month! I obviously went to the moors for a week, but I also had a bit of a hair change and went red! I have to say I love my colour, I feel all new but I seem to have got a bit obsessed with it fading, in my head I'm SURE its faded but my hair extensions still match, so obviously not... 
I feel the quality of my instagram feed is a lot better then my blog at the moment, so going to have a bit of a makeover, and spice up my blog posts a bit! I've been lacking in outfit posts lately due to not having time to get any done, but Im hoping to change that all soon, and make my blog brighter and better. I feel at the moment my blog and instagram could be two different bloggers! 
Im looking forward to see what we'll be looking at, at the end of november! 
PS make sure to follow me on instagram 
Much love
Natasha x
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