29 Oct 2014

N. Yorkshire Moors with Craghoppers and nike courtesy of Get the Label

On sunday I made my way, along with my Mum and basset hound, Jacob, to a log cabin in Wrelton on the North Yorkshire Moors. I love the country and going in Autumn was the most amazing time to pick. The colours were beautiful, and the hill tops were lost to the mist, it really was something spectacular. On the first day we were walking through the woods (which Jacob being a hound dog loved so much, his nose was constantly following scents) we stumbled upon two families of deer, leaping through the trees and plants, it was stunning to see them in the woods in such large groups, this was my highlight of the trip! A few weeks before the trip I was lucky to get contacted by an online store called Get The Label and asked if I'd like to pick a few items I liked. Instead of going for a dress I thought I would go for some outdoor gear for my trip! Get The Label sell branded and designer items at discount prices, so its really good if your looking for chritmas presents! My boyfriend was very jealous when my items came and asked me why I didn't pick guy items, silly question right? I chose a Craghoppers coat, which has a fleece attached inside, and it literally saved me! It was so cold on the moors but I didn't feel it at all in this coat compared to when I put my winter parka on to goto the Pub. I also chose some Nike trainers for when we went walking on land a little less muddy, they were so comfortable to slip on after wearing my heavy walking boots for 5 hours on the moors (the colour also matched my coat obviously). They sell so many brands from Converse and Ralph Lauren to Ax Paris and Levis, its a great site if you are after outdoor clothing or fashion clothing, it has something for everyone!  
Seriously considering ditching all "fashion" coats for this one 
(ps this is at the log cabin) 
I tried a bit of long exposure with my camera
 I need this to be my every day (without the seat gripping, breath holding 30% up hill drive)

Jacob was really tired from all the walking, he actually refused to move at one point

I think you can see from the photos how stunning the moors are, and also how much Jacob enjoyed himself on his little adventure! 
Have you been to the Moors?
Much Love 
Natasha x

19 Oct 2014

Wild Inanda - my new adventure

I mentioned last week in my outfit post that the necklace I was wearing was one I had made from my jewellery brand, Wild Inanda. If you can remember a few months ago I started making crystal jewellery under the name of Native Wolf, however I changed the name to something more unique as googling Native Wolf just brought up a lot of stuff about wolves (surprisingly). I got the name from doing my family tree a few years ago, Inanda was my Great x3 Gran's name who was Nordic. I've also found out it means beauty in Zulu so thought it was very fitting for the type of items I sell. So a new name and some new branding later, I have a new adventure. A new name isn't a new adventure you may be thinking, however this time I have started my own website along side Etsy, as well as a few new surprises. I'm so excited, nervous and scared! I've bought so many crystals for the wire wrap jewellery I make myself, as well as the new side of sourcing beautiful silver pieces of jewellery and crystals for the home from around the world to sell alongside my handmade stuff. It's only been a week since I launched my website and the response from people has been great. It's early days, and I know global domination isn't going to happen over night, being a new brand is really hard, you have no following as people don't know you and they have no loyalty to you- but I am going to work so hard to get this going and let my little adventure become a success! 
Please check out my website here, I'd love to know what you think?
You can also find me on twitter and instagram  

 Much Love
Natasha x

13 Oct 2014

M&S A/W14 60's vibes

M&S have some brand spanking new adverts on the go at the moment, and they really do make you stop and watch! For years I never would have stepped in M&S, thinking it was more for older women, but hello have you seen the advert below! These women look amazing and what they are wearing is even more amazing. I was totally drawn in by the 60's vibe going on and you all know I love the 60's. I put together some of my favourite picks from the website on the 60's theme but I could have done so many moodboard- I was really drawn to all their products that have an earthy bohemian feel to them, but no, I had to focus myself and stick to the task in hand. I love the bright bold colours, and I think its great to stand out in autumn whilst everyone else is wearing black. I love the yellow mini skirt and polo neck combination as well as sticking on those over the knee boots (Ariana Grande style), it just screams 60' chic. The blue coat is perfect for a clashing colour with the yellow and the shape is really flattering. If the over the knee boots are too much for you, I'd team the look with another block colour with the red chelsea boots. For an elegant touch I've added some leather gloves to wear when it gets chilly as well as the black bag with that strip of colour on. I love this whole outfit, and I am really impressed with M&S, there is so much that would appeal to my age, and within my budget. I would highly recommend looking at their coats, wether you are looking for oversized, pastel, fur, you name it they have it. I would go as far as saying they have the best selection I have seen on the high street this season.
Don't forget to check out the advert below, I'm sure there will be some style inspo in there for you all! 
Do you shop at M&S and have you checked out the new season? I'd love to hear from you! 

Much love
Natasha x

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11 Oct 2014

"yeah my boyfriends pretty cool, but he's not as cool as me" -the boyfriend jean

Todays outfit is a little different to the normal outfits I post, but you cant be running around in a 60's style dress everyday, sometimes you need a casual day off! These boyfriend jeans were sent to me by my faves over at Ark. I love the high waist on them and the fit, being small this type would normally swamp me, but these fit and look really good! Ark also sent me the amazing lace shoulder jumper which I just adore, the quality of this top is really good, its comfortable and has a slight bohemian feel to it. I teamed the outfit with my favourite boots from Primark but it could also work with some pointed heels. Im also wearing one of my own necklaces that I make and sell, if you can remember I had a shop on Etsy called Native Wolf, but after realising there were a few other shops with the same name I rebranded to Wild Inanda, and launched my own website alongside Etsy. I will post later in the week more details about it but I would love if you could check my website out here there are some pieces I have lovingly made as well as beautiful agate crystal silver pieces I've sourced from around the world. I'm very excited about my new adventure, and cant wait to share my journey with you!  

Much Love
Natasha x

5 Oct 2014

Those who inspire me

I thought I would start doing posts now and again on bloggers, instagramers, crafters or designers who inspire me. I mean there is plenty of people who I fan girl over every day on instagram, but I never share them on my blog.And what a better person to start with then Me and Orla Sara's blog is filled with beautiful photography, with walks in the Yorkshire country side and stunning photos with her little girl Orla. I found Sarah through instagram here Sara's instagram is the most perfect account I have ever seen, and with nearly 40k followers I guess Im not the only one who thinks so! Her photos taken in her dreamy home in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside are so inspiring and the photos with her litte girl, Orla, are the most adorable Mum and daughter photos ever! Not only does Sara have the perfect instagram and blog, she's also one of those people who even though has thousands of followers, actually replies to your comments and has a little chat! I mean imagine that, someone who replies! 
Lovely person with an even lovelier account!  

Much Love
Natasha x

27 Sep 2014

OOTD: gothic and baroque lace

Im not one to usually wear black, but lately I've been a little bit obsessed looking at girls wearing black dresses in the snow on pinterest ( yeah I'm so ready for winter). Now I know I don't have any snow, but I do have this delicate black lace top that I'd never worn and this beautiful tulle skirt, that was sent to me from Blue Vanilla. I love the combination of the gold and black, it feels very baroque, and I think it makes my auburn hair seem more vivid. I think teaming it with this top was a great idea. Its a very texture heavy outfit, which is great for autumn. I feel if you threw on a pair of heels this would the perfect a/w night look. I took these photos around the marina area of Hull which is always a beautiful little walk, it has a lot of money being thrown into it soon as well, so Im very excited to see it
 get even better! 

Much Love
Natasha x

20 Sep 2014

OOTD: blue suede shoes

Do you have the line "put on my blue suede shoes and I, boarded the plane" in your head now? if you didn't I bet you do now! Autumn was showing itself today, it was damp, misty and dull but I didn't mind as it meant I got to wear my lovely new coat from Primark and my amazing Clarks blue suede boots that Cloggs had sent me a few weeks ago. I have never had navy boots so these were a great change and I love the burgundy panel, it makes them a little bit different. I'm very picky about boots, I hate it when they have really rubbish soles that are a thin strip down the middle of the boot, so that when you step on wet floor you end up absorbing the water. These boots however have a great sole and a small heel, so I wont be having no wet toes! I teamed my boots with my trusty blue jeans and my new coat which I love, the shape and the fur is just amazing! I also thought it would be a good time to pop my perfume bottle bag into a post, just because I need an excuse to wear it! I love this outfit, I think it's really casual but still sophisticated. 

Much Love
Natasha x

14 Sep 2014

Autumn decor inspirtion with George Home

Its no secret I love Autumn, and what I love even more is all the autumn themed items coming into all the Home stores. George Home at Asda offer an impressive range to kit out your bedroom . The rich colours and natural textures really bring the outside in to your room. I am IN LOVE with the deer lampshade as well as the adorable forest animal cushions - Great British wildlife in your home, yes please! I think this whole style is beautiful, it makes me want to sit in front a fire, under a blanket, after a long crisp walk through the woods. 
What do you think to the George Home range
Much Love
Natasha x

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