26 Apr 2015

OOTD: Fat Face

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Fat Face to see if I was interested in the challenge of styling an outfit, now I have to be honest, I did think, hmm Fat Face? I thought Fat Face was for people going surfing or something?! But then I had a look at their website! I was amazed, the Fat Face logo has changed from how I remember it and the clothing is really pretty! Its solved my main problem when I go adventuring in the countryside, how to look fashionable whilst being practical! I chose this white sleeveless shirt and this beautiful midi skirt to create a 60's vibe. I love the material of the clothing, it's made to be worn, but at the same time really soft and comfortable. It's the kind of outfit I would put on to go have a picnic and not worry about sitting on the floor in it! I love so many items on their site that I think I may have to invest in a little Fat Face wardrobe for my miniadventures in the moors!
What do you think to my cute outfit?
Much Love
Natasha x

24 Apr 2015

Oh Yorkshire

A few weeks ago me and Nathan went exploring in North Yorkshire, as you know from previous posts I love the Yorkshire Moors, and would love to be able to live there! We had been staying at a castle in Darlington and for our trip back to Hull we'd packed our walking stuff to stop off and explore. We were avoiding having to drive up a place called Sutton Bank (25% incline, nah, no way, not in a 1litre car) and in our detour it meant we accidently stumbled upon a beautiful abbey called Byland Abbey, the views from the abbey with Sutton bank in the background was incredible, it made me so proud to be from Yorkshire. After spending an hour or so walking around the abbey in the sun, we set off to another abbey we saw signs for, Rievaulx abbey. Well this abbey was the most spectacular place, it's so incredible, I cannot believe I've never been before! If you are ever visiting Yorkshire you have to visit this place, its huge and beyond words. We spent hours exploring in the spring sun, I felt so relaxed and happy, its amazing how healing being outside is! 
View from Byland Abbey
 Rievaulx Abbey
  Rievaulx Abbey
Have you visited Yorkshire before?
Much Love 
Natasha x

11 Apr 2015

OOTD "Down on the West Coast, they love their movies. Their golden gods, and rock and roll groupies"

This week has been the start of spring for sure, the weather has been amazing and well of course it was easter, I hope you all ate enough chocolate. I had a few nights away and went adventuring in the moors which I've been sharing over on my instagram! But with all this lovely weather I just had to get an outfit post done, and it was so nice to be able to do one without freezing my socks off! This beautiful boho look was sent to me from my good pals over at Ark Clothing whose Hearts & Bows range have an amazing boho selection this summer. I love the elephant print on this dress its so cute, and the length of the dress is perfect for me. I really like the loose fit of the dress (flattering for all) and the material would be perfect on a hot summers day. Its the perfect dress to wear with ankle boots and a leather jacket but then team with some gladiator sandals when it gets hot! P.S I am totally hair extension free here, pretty rare on a blog post!
 Will you be rocking the Bohemian look this summer?
Much Love
Natasha x

1 Apr 2015

Instagram in a month - March

Its April and I thought I would start a new feature on my blog where every month I do a little look back at my month through instagram. I've been trying really hard to get colour back into my instagram and I'm finding it really fun! I love having to think a little more about my posts, and what else I can add to a photo to get more "blue in the photo" or to "clash with another colour". Im loving that the days are brighter and getting longer, it means that I have more time to take photos! 
I'd love if you could follow my new look instagram and let me know what you think about it.
Much love 
Natasha x

14 Mar 2015

Ootd: Dog print dress!

Hello from the crazy dog lady!! yes I am a crazy dog lady, I constantly talk about my dog and if Im not talking about my dog Jacob, I'm looking at other dogs on pinterest. So when Sugarhill Boutique asked me if I'd like a dress with a dog print on, I was SUPER excited and of course said yes. It also meant I could get Jacob involved in a post! I took these photos at Hull Marina, and it was such a beautiful day, it felt amazing to feel the sun and see blue skies! This blue stripe dress has cute little dog illustrations on that are drawn by the team at Sugarhill. I love blue and white for spring, and because it was a little chilly I teamed it with my bright blue coat but it will look just as good in summer with some gladiator sandals. I even added one of my french bulldog rings from my own shop, because obviously a dog dress needs a dog ring!
 Sugarhill Boutique have amazing prints that they create themselves, and I've had a little sneaky look at their summer collection and it is going to be amazing. 
What do you think of my dress? Its super cute right and one for dog lovers eh!
Much Love
Natasha x

8 Mar 2015

Mothers day shopping list with Thomas Sabo at Silvertree Jewellery

Its always nice to discover a new online jewellery store that isn't the "known ones" you get on every high street and I was recently contacted by Silver Tree Jewellery. After browsing their site and adding waaaay too much to my basket I was pleasantly surprised to see how many different brands they sell sell from Pandora to my favourtie watch brand Olivia Burton.
Its mothers day next week and its time to spoil the lovely Mum (or Mam if your from Hull!) in your life. I always like to buy my Mum something special, buying something for the sake of it is always pointless to me, I like to buy her something she can keep for years to come. As you know I am a fan of Thomas Sabo and have put together my favourite pieces of Thomas Sabo from Silver Tree Jewellery that I think my Mum would love. Obviously Thomas Sabo are famous for their charms, so naturally I am starting with their beaded charm bracelet that lets you hang one or two charms from it. I think this is really pretty and delicate, and a really special present that's not going to break the bank and I LOVE the little lamb charm to add its perfect for spring! Thomas Sabo also sell really pretty rings, and my mum doesn't like bulky rings so theirs are perfect for her, a dainty bow or simple dot ring is enough to be able to wear it every day and have that sentimental value. Now if you want to really spoil your Mum I think any Mum would love the Thomas Sabo "Mothers Day open your heart" necklaces. I think you will agree how stunning and show stopping these necklaces are, this is the kind of thing I would buy my Mum that she could keep forever for those special occasions, and I think my Mum is totally worth it. What I think is great about Silver Tree Jewellery is that they offer free gift wrapping on all orders, free delivery on all orders and spend over £80 and you receive a free necklace! Go have a look around their site even if your already sorted for Mothers day, Im sure there will be a birthday or anniversary (maybe a pay day present for yourself) in the future that will need something special and you'll know to go straight to Silver Tree Jewellery

*Sponsored post, all views are my own and I only accept sponsored posts I agree with.

22 Feb 2015

OOTD: Neon pop

This neon dress is one of my favourite day to day dresses from In the Style I was actually sent this last summer, when I went to one of their events to wear but it never came in time! Which was a shame as I really love it, the print is really pretty and the cut is really flattering. I thought it was about time I started wearing colour again because I am so over winter colours. If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed I have fallen in love with colour again, I am totally obsessed with patterns and colour at the moment, it just seems to be inspiring me like Ive never seen colour before!
Are you a colour person or do you wear black all the time?
Much Love

15 Feb 2015

Paris- the city of love

Hi, I hope everyone had an amazing valentines day, I got the best present ever, and got to go feed some penguins! Anyway I thought I would share more photos from my new year trip to Paris, no matter how many photos I take, I fall more in love with the city every time I click, I guess this is why it is called the city of love eh?
Could you get bored of Paris?
Much Love
Natasha x

8 Feb 2015

"We all look for heaven and we put our love first" - Winter boho style

My first outfit post of 2015! I know its taken me a while but its been so cold I just couldn't go and stand outside to take photos, I mean my face was numb today but I got thorough it- just.
I have been needing to take some more style shots of my jewellery rather then just product shots so I thought this would be a great time to share with you my casual day time winter boho style and get my jewellery looks in there as well. It can be really hard to do "boho" in winter in the UK, its easy enough to search it on pinterest, but our winter is a lot colder then the looks I see on there. I always go to my trusty blue denim jeans and levi boots, and I either team them with a loose soft shirt or this top that I am wearing today. The added lace at the bottom gives it a layered look and adds that delicate boho feel, Ive also put underneath a dark lace triangle bra. Winter boho outfits are always a little more simple then summer but I find if you layer up the jewellery it makes an effortless simple look, look really detailed and styled, without too much effort. All the jewellery I am wearing is from Wild Inanda
What do you think of the boho style for winter? does it work for you?
Much Love
Natasha x