14 Sep 2014

Autumn decor inspirtion with George Home

Its no secret I love Autumn, and what I love even more is all the autumn themed items coming into all the Home stores. George Home at Asda offer an impressive range to kit out your bedroom . The rich colours and natural textures really bring the outside in to your room. I am IN LOVE with the deer lampshade as well as the adorable forest animal cushions - Great British wildlife in your home, yes please! I think this whole style is beautiful, it makes me want to sit in front a fire, under a blanket, after a long crisp walk through the woods. 
What do you think to the George Home range
Much Love
Natasha x

promotional post
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7 Sep 2014

“Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.”

5 points if you know where I got my title from! This weekend I visited the yorkshire moors with my Mum and Jacob, it was peaceful and beautiful. I walked along picking brambles and eating them ( as did Jacob) and I was really captivated by the colours. It seemed autumn had arrived in the moors and the mix of the golden leaves with the heather was the most beautiful colour palette I'd ever seen.

Are you excited for autumn? I think its the most beautiful season of the year.
Much Love
Natasha x

1 Sep 2014

OOTD : The mint jumpsuit

This isn't my normal style of outfit post, you know I'm normally off in some woods or in a church window but I thought I would show you this mint jumpsuit sent to me from WalG as I wore it to go out for a meal and mocktails with Nathan on date night, a bit more "real life" if that makes sense! I love this jumpsuit for date night, I love the high waist line which makes my legs look so long (and trust me they are very short) and the colour is perfect; I always think mint suits my pale skin. I also think wide leg jumpsuits are really flattering for a lot of women, the wide legs make your waist look smaller. So tiny waist, long legs what could be better in a jumpsuit?

do you like the wide leg?
Much Love 
Natasha x

31 Aug 2014

DIY Gold plastic animal photo holders

I love animals, and always have and I love crafting so this DIY was very fun to do! It's also dirt cheap, easy and a great gift idea (The big C word will be here in 3 months) These gold animal photo holders only take about 30 minutes to do.

 You will need:
1) plastic animals- I got mine from wilkinsons and pound shop, the cheaper animals are better as they are easier to put holes in, it doesn't matter if they look a bit rubbish because you will be spraying them.
2) Spray Paint- I got these smalls cans from wilkinsons and chose to use the gold
3) Gold wire
4) A pin
5) Wire cutters and pliers 

1) Pop the pin in the back of your animal were you would like to put your wire later and spray your first layer of paint, thin layers are better then one thick layer. Make sure to wait between coats so that it dries properly. 

 I sprayed mine in a shoe box in the garden

2) Cut a piece of wire and loop the end round a few times, this will be to slot your photo in

3) Hold your wire ex to your animal to how long you want it to be trim your piece of wire to where the bottom of the animal is, you will need to push the wire right in to make it more sturdy.

4) I pushed the pin around the edge of the hole created by the pin to make the hole bigger for the wire to fit in. Once you have a big enough hole push the wire all the way in.

I think these look really good on my shelf, even without making them into photo holders, they would have just looked great for decoration. These would make great presents for people, not only will you be able to use their favourite animal but it will also have that handmade touch and be totally unique! 
Let me know if you have a go and don't forget to tweet me the photo! 
Much Love
Natasha x

30 Aug 2014

OOTD: The Mary Jane

Summer came back today, yey! Which means you can get your legs out! This cute light denim material dress was sent to me from poppy lux over at sugarhill boutique, who kindly sent me my unicorn dress seen on here a few weeks ago! I love the rolled up sleeves with the polka dots on, its called Mary Jane and it has a total casual 60's feel to it! I love that I can wear it now but in winter team it with tights and a thick knit. The bag I'm wearing is really stylish and super practical, and was sent to me from the lovely people at LYDC . It's a really fab bag, not only is the quality really high but it has a zip which I always like as I have a tendency of throwing my bag down and everything falling out but I really like the style, the double flap on the front makes it a little different and I like having a long strap as well as a handle. It's one of those bags you can take to work, take shopping and even take out for lunch, so versatile! I've thrown on my pink bowler hat from H&M purely because it matches my amazing shoes from Primark, as soon as I saw them, I had to have them, they scream 60's to me and you know I love the 60's.

Do you have a favourite era for fashion? 
Much Love
Natasha x

25 Aug 2014

The illustrated dress & my diana

Its all in the detail I say. I've had this dress for about 3/4 years? I got it from Primark, and I've hardly worn it because the seams on the front go weird on my chest but after my Gran stitched them a little and Nathan reassured me nobody would notice I wore it in Paris. It has an illustrated city at the bottom that really reminds me of Paris. I wore it with my white gold belt, blazer and took my diana camera out for a little walk, because hey it also looks super cute! A woman from New York stopped me to compliment my outfit and it felt amazing to be stopped in the street by a fellow female! 

Much Love
Natasha x

24 Aug 2014

The patterned trousers

I have so many outfit posts to share with you from Paris, and lots of outfits to get snapped as well. However as much as I love these posts, and love doing them, I feel I am lacking on the craft front lately on the blog, but I should have a really cool crafty post for you next week, in fact I have so many crafty projects to crack on with, I have no idea where I am going to get the time from to do them all. I sometimes think I put too much on myself, graphic designer in the day, blogger, my jewellery and then the pile of craft supplies building up shouting out at me to get started. I always feel I have no time to get it all done, and I always end up neglecting something! Anyway, this outfit was snapped whilst strolling around Paris just as the sun went down, we had a few showers whilst in Paris, but on this day as the sun went down it seemed to get warmer and I could take my jacket off. The jelly sandals with the big bows actually saved my feet, Nathan bought me them whilst we were there as my pointed pumps had caused me the worst blister on the INSIDE, yeah inside of my little toe, and all my shoes and sandals squashed my toes. I was very grumpy and I think Nathan was desperate to sort it to shut me up. I do love them though, as I am a big fan of bows! The blouse and trousers are both from Primark. Even though I am petite, wearing smarter trousers and tops often makes me look a bit frumpy because surprisingly to many, small girls can also be curvy. I find having a tiny waist compared to my hips, makes trousers really emphasise my hips, and only having 27" legs really doesn't help! However I really thought this print flattered me and didn't give me the frumpy look. I really love the colour palette in this outfit, as it's not normally the colours I go for!  

Much Love
Natasha x

23 Aug 2014

My evening adventure around Montmarte with art, outfits and rainbows

 One of my favourite places in Paris is Montmarte, if you don't know Paris well, this is the area around the Sacre Coeur. I've visited the area before, but on this trip we decided to go in the evening, to catch the sun going down over paris, and see the busy little streets at night. We got off the metro and wandered around the enchanting streets, stumbling on many art galleries and a very compact vintage shop! I love how you much colour you can find in Paris

Wether it is prints or artists sat painting, I've been totally inspired to start drawing again.

Rain was predicted that night so I wore my khaki baggy trousers with a lose shirt tucked in and my leather jacket, 
I felt TOTES cool (this is as cool as I get)

Vintage store

The sun started to go down on the Sacre Coeur 

And all across Paris

As predicted the rain came, but the sun was still out, which meant I got to see Paris with a rainbow :)

Have you been to this area? 
Much Love 
Natasha x

22 Aug 2014

OOTD: Paris florals

Hello lovely people, here is my second outfit post from my 10th adventure to Paris. Now I love this outfit and I've probably fooled you into thinking I am wearing a skirt, when actually it is shorts ;) Ah yes, I can see your total shock from here. These amazing shorts are from Primark, they are so comfortable and totally practical, plus I love a high waisted anything! 

Much Love
Natasha x